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  • The Art of Successful Writing.

    Debra Rogers is a former Development Associate and Script Analyst, who’s worked for years in both film and television, including Universal Pictures, Disney, Empire Pictures and Showtime Networks. Her expertise as a story analyst, combined with her passion for writing has made her a well sought after script consultant. Also on the board of several Writer’s Groups, Debra has inspired and helped writers develop their scripts from the first draft, to a polished, marketable product.

  • From the novice to the professional, whether you’re working on a first draft or a final polish, Debra can help develop your vision and take your writing to the next level.

  • *Also available for a "30 page at a time" consultation for screenplays to help you stay on track with your story.

  • Debra Rogers
  • What Makes a Successful Script?

    • Great Idea
    • Original Voice
    • Well-executed Story


"She is not a mere doctor, but a script surgeon, with an excellent bedside manner. Get her now before she gets too busy."

"I've sold two scripts and optioned another one in the last two years, and all of them got the benefit of Debra's notes. Would I have made those sales without Debra's gentle, yet powerful notes? I'd like to think so, but, frankly, I've got a mortgage to pay and I'd rather not take that chance!" Dave Willis, film/television/web writer

"I am always astounded at the comprehensive detail she gives all the writers at Scriptwrights. If there was a category for Best Critique For A Writer, her mantle would be lined with Oscars." Rick Gallavan, film/television writer

"In a town filled with screenplay coaches, Deb stands out. Unlike many others, Deb is a writer herself, and understands the mystical intricacies of the creative process. She takes notes as well as gives them. This uniquely qualifies her to give feedback that is intuitive as well as analytical, esoteric as well as applicable. She is not a mere doctor, but a script surgeon, with an excellent bedside manner. Get her now before she gets too busy." Craig Sabin, screenwriter

"I've been running both professional and amateur writers groups for about 20 years. Debra has been an active member of two of these for many years, and is one of the few "triple treats" I've known who excels in writing, reading, and delivering guiding commenting on the works of others. Her knowledge of structure is so insightful and detailed that when she makes a point about either screenplays or prose, her comments invariably leave me with those head-slapping, why-didn't-I-see-that moments. It's embarrassing. I know of none better than she." John Rixey Moore, moderator, "ScriptWrights." Novelist.

"Debra is one of the most insightful writers I know when it comes to story and character, and in getting me to look at my script in ways I never thought of before." Scott Mullen, screenwriter, story analyst

"Whenever Debra gave me feedback on my scripts in workshop, she not only nailed the problem, she gave me ideas on how to approach a solution – a rare gift!" Lydia Rawlings, Founder of ScriptWrights

"Debra possesses a strong grasp of story and structure, married with a positive, communicative attitude when sharing her thoughts to improve your writing." Brad MacPherson, Writer/Producer: Lucky Eight Pictures.

"Debra's critiques are always detailed, specific and right on the mark. Nothing works better to help a writer find his/her voice." Dallas Dorsett, Producer, Studio 44

"Debra has a unique ability to critique my work in a way that is very empowering. I leave our sessions excited about where my piece is going. She also has an incredible eye for structure and story and gives amazing notes--the best I've ever received." Angela Espinosa, Writer/Actress, Web Series.

"I’ve witnessed Debra giving specific, tailored feedback to produced feature film and television writers for three years. Her knowledge of structure, character, and dialogue (and communication of that knowledge) is clear, straightforward, useful, and immediately applicable. When I tested her out myself, she found things I'd not seen before in my work and showed some options on making elements even better! Now that I've found a source for solid feedback in her notes, I look forward to her coaching me even more on my writing. She loves what she does, and that inspiration keeps me going." Roy Samuelson, Actor/Writer/Producer

"Debra has a unique and special ability to read your pages, listen to your thoughts and then give notes and direction that are unparalleled. I have worked with Debra for over a year now and I am always amazed after each time we meet. She is a true find for any writer at any level." Mitchell Fink, Actor/Writer

"Debra is truly talented in understanding the structure of a good story and memorable characters. She communicates this rich knowledge with easy to understand examples. I always walk away from our conversations feeling confident and excited about my work." Kimmy Shipman, Novelist.

"No matter what level of writer you are, no matter how much writing experience you've had, no matter what shape your script is in, Debra gives you terrific, first-rate story and character development advice. Perhaps most importantly, with her always-upbeat, proactive and encouraging attitude, Debra takes excellent care of the shy, fragile, insecure hopeful creative person within each writer. Her notes make you excited to run out and rewrite, regardless of how much work you have left to do. The power of her positivity cannot be accurately measured or quantified. Just know that Debra rocks and your script and writing journey will be all the better for having worked with her." Andy Shrader - MFA, Screenwriting from UCLA, 2008 - former Director of Career Development, The Los Angeles Film School - Scriptwrights member

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